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Anyone living in or interested in the town of Annapolis, Maryland and the surrounding Chesapeake Bay region is invited to join the annapolis community.

This community is for discussing current events, sports, favorite places to visit, political & environmental issues, maritime history or just about any topic concerning Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay region. There's lots to talk about here, so don't be shy!

When you join the community, please feel free to introduce yourself & tell us what intrests you about Annapolis and/or the Chesapeake.

A Few Rules
  • Be relevant! Please keep in mind that posts should be of interest to the community at large. Remember that there are also specific communities that pertain to Washington DC (such as washingtondc), Baltimore (including charmcity) and Maryland (maryland).
  • Please no spam! Although you may promote events, list goods for sale, and even list professional services you can offer others in the Annapolis area or Chesapeake Bay region, please keep the length short and to the point. If you want to post detailed entries, please use the lj-cut tags.
  • Be a good citizen! Just as in real-life communities, you get along much better with online neighbors if you are polite and encouraging. Treat other community members with respect and follow general netiquette. If you don't know the rules of Netiquette, click here.

Government Links
Homepage of the City of Annapolis
City Government Departments
Contact Your Elected Officials
Annapolis City Charter - How the city government is to be run
Annapolis City Code - Laws of the City of Annapolis

Community Links
United States Naval Academy homepage
Annapolis Maritime Museum
Historic Annapolis Foundation
Chesapeake Bay Foundation
The Maritime Republic of Eastport
Chesapeake Chapter, US Lighthouse Society
Maryland Renaissance Festival

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