Sava (evolutions_son) wrote in annapolis,

Roleplaying Books For Sale

Ok I have a lot of roleplaying books that I would like to get rid of. Most of these are White Wolf based.

3rd Edition Vampire the Masquerade

1. Practically all the clan books.
2. Core book
3. Collectors edition of the camarilla and sabbat guide books
4. Midnight Seige
5. Nights of Prophecy
6. Blood-Dimmed Tides
7. Cairo By Night
8. Guide to the Anarchs
9. Kindred of the Ebony Kingdom
10. Ghouls: Fatal Attraction
11. Storytellers Companion
12. Blood Magic: Secrets of Thaumaturgy
13. Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion
14. Giovanni Saga 1

Dark Ages
1. Core Book
2. Veil of Night
3. Dark Age clan books 3 & 4
4. Dark Ages Companion
5. Book of Storyteller Secrets
6. Plus a few others

I also have some second edition clan books and players guide. I have the Hunter: The Reckoning core book plus like around 7-10 supplement books for that game.

I also have a few other books for other games that I can't recall, but the balk is listed above.

I am trying to sell these as soon as possible. If you want them just reply back and tell me your best offer.

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