Sarah (screamsosoft) wrote in annapolis,

Discount Acupuncture Treatment

I am a Clinical Acupuncture Intern at Tai Sophia Institute in Laurel, MD. I have a few treatment slots available for new patients. Because the slots are offered at a discounted rate (close to 50% off the rates of private practice in this area), there are a limited number available. All payment benefits the Institute and I receive course credit for the treatments I offer.

Acupuncture treats the body, mind, and spirit so everything is fair game. I've included some common reasons for seeking acupuncture below.

Feel free to pass this opportunity along to anyone you think may be interested - slots will be filled on a first come first served basis.

If you are interested in starting treatment, please contact me at your earliest convenience, by email at "pearljadewellness at gmail dot com" or Livejournal message. If you have questions about acupuncture that you want to post publicly, leave them in the comments and I will respond.

Kind regards,

Sarah Damiani
Clinical Acupuncture Intern
Tai Sophia Faculty-Supervised Student Clinic
Laurel, MD

Conditions commonly addressed with acupuncture:
-Headaches, migraines
-Chronic pain, including neck and back pain
-Joint pain
-Dental pain
-Post-operative pain, nausea, vomiting
-Allergies, skin conditions/rashes
-Depression, anxiety, mood swings
-Digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome
-Infertility and menstrual disorders
-Addictive behaviors including drugs and alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and excess possessions
-Weight loss and wellness
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